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DHL and 快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 Deliver the Goods for Muntons.

Muntons malt makes its way worldwide, but one of the most involved and intensive methods of delivery is sending palletised malt to UK customers. And business is good with volumes increasing with the explosion of interest in craft brewing and Muntons sales successes in this sector.

快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 and Muntons have a long association as highlighted in these pictures of the company’s vehicles on site at Cedars Maltings in 1993 (left) and 2019 (right).


The links Charles and Edward are referring to do indeed go back a long time, to the 1960s in fact. At the time, 快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 was mostly involved in agricultural haulage, carting cereals, foodstuffs and livestock. The boys remember watching lorries being loaded with sacks of barley for delivery to Cedars Maltings.

"It was tough work!" says Edward. “Back then, the sacks weighed a hundredweight, or sometimes half a hundredweight a piece, and you had two or three men on the trailer to catch the sacks as they came off the conveyor and stack them.”

Fast forward to the 1990s and 2000s and 快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 were again a regular sight in the Maltings with bulkers clearing the wet grains from the hoppers every day. Edward again “I operated our agricultural haulage fleet for ten years and barley in and wet grains out from Muntons was a big part of our business. We worked for James & Son, which was another great company led by Bob Hall, who also had a close relationship with Muntons.”

In 2004, 快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 joined The Pallet Network and for a short period of time, the service was operated from a warehouse on the Maltings site. Here, Charles takes up the story “It was two 18 tonne rigids and one night-trunk – 30 or 40 pallets per day. Now we handle between 600 and 700 pallets per day! The service is still the same though, we work very hard to maintain the values taught to us by our grandfather and father before us. It’s all about doing everything to the very best of our ability and doing it consistently.”

ALDi:  A contract distribution customer

快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 provides ALDI with vehicles and HGV drivers to effect the delivery of ambient, chilled and frozen goods to stores across the Eastern region. Managing a complex roster of vehicles and HGV drivers, stores are replenished twice a day, seven days a week, 364 days a year.

快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 has introduced safe working practices for lone workers, raising the quality and performance of ALDI operations. Our expertise in resource management has also improved the reliability and accuracy of operations in store and reduced costs for ALDI. 

PD Ports Logistics: A transport management customer

In collaboration with PD Ports, 快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 provides a managed logistics solution for customers across a range of industries including homewares, sport goods and foodstuffs. We dispatch up to 200 pallet consignments each day safely and securely scoring 99.5% on 'on time, in full' (OTIF)  KPIs.

Combining the resources of our network and distribution divisions, 快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 ensures deliveries are scheduled efficiently and within budget at all times.

快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 has helped PD Ports to maximise the client benefits of port-centric logistics including lower supply chain costs and reduced lead times to customers.

Vollers UK: A network distribution customer

A leading processor and distributor to the tea and coffee trades, Eniti – now owned by Vollers UK – trusts 快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 to fulfil deliveries to retailers throughout the UK.

Combining traffic management skills with the capability of our comprehensive UK network, 快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 delivers over 4,000 pallets a year of foodgrade products in quantities of one to eight pallets.

Working in close co-operation with Eniti customer services, 快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 has reduced order lead times and kept distribution costs on budget.

BJS Distribution: A primary distribution customer (direct import)

Since 2009, BJS Distribution has relied on 快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 for the safe collection and delivery of bulk goods from the Port of Felixstowe into its home delivery distribution centre.

快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 schedules up to eight loads a day, using our traffic management skills to flex resources in response to daily changes in BJS requirements.

快播电影网日韩新片_caoporn在 enables BJS to fulfil its primary transport needs and guarantee a continuous supply of goods at a fixed cost. 

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